Focus 2050

FOCUS2050 is an educational complex, the first of its kind in Angola, created for promoting free online training and education. The complex provides a holistic, innovative and inspiring learning experience that helps each student acquire new professional skills.

The Challenge

Angola’s reality is full of obstacles that prevent people from receiving professional training or academic knowledge. People who are looking for a job frequently lack knowledge and experience, and employees are often not qualified enough. The difficulty of accessing professional, advanced, and practical knowledge leads to a slowdown in economic prosperity.

The Opportunity

FOCUS 2050 is a unique educational complex located in Luanda, Angola. It enables people to acquire education, skills, capabilities, and professional training – free of charge. The platform is for everyone – people who work without professional training, employees who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills and people who are looking for a job. The complex allows people to build a personal training and development program that will help them find a job and improve their lives.

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