“Have courage, strength and determination because anything is possible”

The Menomadin Team
March 8, 2022

Every year, on March 8th, international Women’s Day is marked around the world. But at Menomadin Foundation we celebrate Women’s Day throughout the year. The foundation is blessed with amazing, talented and strong women for whom pushing boundaries and Tikun Olam are “just another day at the office”.

Three of them gathered recently at the happiest, most colorful and inspiring place in Angola – the Fundação Arte e Cultura’s community center – CEO at the Menomadin Foundation Dr. Merav Galili, General Manager at the Fundação Arte e Cultura Naama Margalit, and CFO at the Fundação Arte e Cultura Alfonsina Domingos, for a chat about women’s empowerment, courage and determination.

Watch the video:

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