Cross–Sector Partnerships

Meet Our Team

Danny Labin 

CEO, Menomadin Social Impact Ventures

Zohar Kedar-Paz 

Social Programs Manager

The challenges of our times demand we think differently about our resources and about the necessary collaboration between the various change-promotors in the impact landscape.

Our prominent network of global partners enhances our ability to mobilize resources and to support the work of policymakers, thereby ensuring that our aspirations translate into a solid reality.

Equipped with an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, we identify core problems, rather than simply their symptoms, and initiate holistic creative solutions that we plan, execute, and responsibly hand over to our local partners.

Recognizing the benefits of adding more seats to the table, the Menomadin Foundation is committed to the facilitation of long-lasting impactful partnerships between all who are dedicated to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: international organizations, national & local governments, and the private sector.

Partnerships · Since 2024

National Welfare Plan:
Welfare in the Wake of War

A comprehensive strategic welfare plan to enhance social resilience through nationwide...

Partners: Menomadin Foundation, Israel Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, The Hebrew University

Partnerships · Since 2020

National Welfare Plan:
The Right to Good Welfare

A comprehensive reform, consisting of long-term guidelines, aiming to motivate a...

Partners: Menomadin Foundation, The Hebrew University, The Haruv Institute, Israel Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs

Partnerships · Since 2023

Local Government Resilience

An initiative crafted to enhance the capabilities of local authorities in...

Partners: Menomadin Foundation, local governments, organizations and experts

Partnerships · Since 2023

Local Government Mobilization

A comprehensive roadmap to promoting children, youth, and young adults along...

Partners: Menomadin Foundation, Joint-Ashsalim Israel, Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs

Partnerships · Since 2020

Day After Coalition

This innovative social model was developed by Menomadin Foundation to provide...

Partners: Menomadin Foundation, OR Movement, Social Finance Israel, The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel