Strategic Philanthropy

Meet Our Team

Danny Labin 

CEO, Menomadin Social Impact Ventures

Zohar Kedar-Paz 

Social Programs Manager

Our philanthropic endeavors are guided by a business-like approach that ensures constant progress towards set milestones and the optimal performance of our commitments. Empowering individuals or strengthening societies are two sides of the same coin, and the art of selecting a correct pathway is achieved by looking at problems through an empathetic, human-centered lens.

In our Strategic Philanthropy endeavors we support various programs all over the world, that contribute meaningfully to their local communities: In Israel, our focus is on strengthening the country’s social resilience. In Africa, we work to empower children, young adults and women. We also operate internationally to initiate significant philanthropic partnerships.

Ranging across the promotion of positive discourse between polarised populations, to aiding individuals with disabilities, to the enhancement of art, culture and education, we are proud of the various initiatives the Menomadin Foundation has chosen to empower as strategic partners.

Israeli Society · 2024

March of the Living 2024:
The Otef Delegation

Survivors of both the Holocaust and the October 7 attacks led...

Education and Employment · Since 2021

School of Alphabet

Aimed at eradicating adult illiteracy, the School of Alphabet offers evening...

Israeli Society · Since 2023

Bring Them Home Billboard Campaign

A billboard campaign across Israel featuring the faces of the Israeli...

Education and Employment · Since 2019

A Better Way

A Better Way provides talented young adults in Angola a comprehensive...

Education and Employment · Since 2023

The e-Zomba

A state-of-the-art virtual archive, featuring Angola’s magnificent and diverse cultural and...


The Israeli Congress

A one-of-a-kind social initiative with a mission to strengthen Israel’s social...

Leadership · Since 2020


The initiative is aiming to advance both the Israeli Druze community...

Education and Employment · Since 2019

Sewing for All

Designated for economically vulnerable women in Angola, the vocational training initiative...

Education and Employment · Since 2020

The WYZA Amphitheatre

A modular performance venue suitable for hosting various types of cultural,...


The Menomadin Center for Jewish and Democratic Law

The Center, which operates within the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan...

Social Welfare · Since 2014

Music in the Street

The initiative offers street children a break from the brutal reality...

Art & Culture · Since 2012

The Tamar Golan Art Gallery

Galleria Tamar Golan is dedicated to promoting appreciation for Angolan local...

Health · Since 2007

Save a Child’s Heart Africa

A unique collaboration to provide quality cardiac care for children suffering...


Fundação Arte e Cultura Community Center

The new Fundação Arte e Cultura community center, inaugurated recently in...

Education · Since 2006

The School of Culture and Art

We aim to empower youth in Luanda through creative experiences that...

Social Businesses

Cooperative for Women’s Empowerment

The Women's Cooperative established by Fundação Arte e Cultura, Menomadin Foundation's...

Education · Since 2013

The Music Academy

The Music Academy in Fundacao provides a stage for talent from...

Leadership · Since 2020

The Menomadin Scholarships 

We are encouraging higher education and academic excellence among Druze students...

Social Businesses

Social Carpentry for At-Risk Youth

The carpentry established by Fundação Arte e Cultura in Luanda, Menomadin...

Leadership, Disabilities · 2021-2023

Rolling Forward

Rolling Forward is a unique leadership program of the House of...

Leadership · 2017-2023

Stars Accelerator: Empowering New Bedouin Leadership

Strengthening and empowering a new generation of Bedouin leadership that reflects...

Disabilities, Leadership · 2020-2023

Krembo Wings in Lakiya

Enabling children and youth living with any type of motor, cognitive...

Disabilities · April 2020

House of Wheels: Enabling Participation amid COVID

A second home for people with physical disabilities providing tools for...

EDUCATION · Summer 2020


ONE VOICE is an international socio-cultural movement aiming to inspire and...

Disabilities · Summer 2020

House of wheels: Summer Activity

The House of Wheels Association, which assists disabled children develop the...

Disabilities · 2015 - 2020


Supporting Shalva’s work to empower children and youth with disabilities, focused...