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Who Are We?

Founded by Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist Haim Taib, the Menomadin Foundation is an international impact fund dedicated to enhancing the social resilience of the State of Israel. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Merav Galili, the Foundation engages in extensive activities across education, welfare, and community sectors.

The Menomadin Foundation draws on Haim Taib’s three decades of leading sustainable projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, applying the insights and expertise developed there to benefit Israeli society.

The foundation is involved in national-level collaborations, such as The State of Israel’s Strategic Welfare Plan, which was adopted by the Government of Israel in 2022. Developed over two years by senior Israeli welfare experts in various fields, the plan includes practical recommendations, some of which have already been implemented, on issues such as poverty, unemployment, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and children and youth at risk. In 2024, the foundation submitted to the Minister of Welfare a comprehensive strategic plan designed to effectively address the challenges exacerbated by warfare.

The Menomadin Foundation collaborates with local governments in the social and geographical periphery, initiating programs to enhance local government mobilization, resilience, and community empowerment. Concurrently, Menomadin leads a strategic initiative to enhance the quality of education in Israeli local authorities, with the goal of enabling all children to fully realize their potential and achieve social mobility, while also fostering a stronger connection to their communities. Following a successful pilot in two major cities, a scalable model has been developed, designed to be applicable to similar cities across the country.

Alongside its social initiatives, the Menomadin Foundation maintains an impact investment portfolio, focusing on Israeli startups dedicated to generating positive social and environmental impacts in vital sectors like agriculture, environment, health, and technology education. Menomadin co-founded the venture capital fund KMAI Capital, which specializes in identifying groundbreaking technologies in Israeli academic institutions and bringing them to market.

Beyond promoting reality-altering initiatives in Israel, the Menomadin Foundation invests in social and environmental initiatives in Africa and around the world. Teh foundation’s subsidiary, the Fundação Arte e Cultura operates an Arts and Culture Center in Angola, which initiates educational activities for children and youth, vocational training programs for women, social welfare programs for at-risk young adults, and various culture and art events for the benefit of the local community.

Aiming to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals, the Menomadin Foundation’s endeavors are guided by a research-based approach, employing a structured impact management methodology and advanced impact measurement techniques.

Our Mission

Creating value-chain solutions
that bring together sectors, content worlds and stakeholders,
to ensure effective, measurable and sustainable
social, environmental and economic impact.

Our Values

Powered by Vision, Leading With Conviction

The human potential is limitless. Equipped with a crystallized approached to impact, Menomadin strives to unveil the world’s brilliance, leading by example and achieving excellence.

Nurture Partnerships, Advance With Diversity

A tightly-knit network is stronger than the sum of its parts. Menomadin harnesses the diversity of its passionate community, recognizing the collective gain of adding seats to the table.

Seek to Empower, Orchestrate With Empathy

Communities are their people are their communities. Menomadin is committed to the constant achievement of evident milestones on the journey to empower resilient societies, thoughtfully leading extraordinary projects with substantial outcomes.

Systematically Rigorous, Armed With Creativity

Scalable impact can only be accomplished by adhering to a methodological theory of change. Coupled with its effective conduct, Menomadin is ever prepared to initiate human-centered resourceful solutions, tailor-made for the specific needs of the hour.

Our People

Haim Taib

Founder and President

Guided by a strong, authentic conviction that business leaders must back their profitable endeavors with an equal contribution to the local communities in which they operate, Mr. Taib has been a prominent philanthropist for decades.

A self-made, ambitious entrepreneur, Mr. Taib has honed the ability to empathize with people around him and strives to create environments that provide equal opportunities to individuals everywhere. In particular, Mr. Taib is motivated by a moral obligation to elevate and empower vulnerable underprivileged communities. Aided by the agency of his intuitive theory of change he crafted numerous philanthropic projects in Africa, his entrepreneurial locale, in Israel, his homeland, and globally by creating cross border aid-collaborations.
More about Haim >

Merav Galili, PhD


Championing her life-long passions and devotions: advancing beneficial innovation and promoting foreign international coalitions and partnerships, Dr. Galili leads Menomadin together with Mr. Taib as the foundation’s CEO.

Her previous experiences as the Director of International Partnerships, Assistant to the CEO of Joint-Israel-Ashalim, and the decade-long term at Bar-Ilan University, which she completed as the Vice-President of Development, armed her not only with a global network of partners in academia, philanthropy, and the international impact world but also with resourcefulness, ambition and a rigorous understanding of how the space of making an impact is progressing. Dr. Galili is gearing the foundation’s future prospects and methodology towards a pragmatic, result-oriented way of action.
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Amir Witkon

General Counsel

Amir has 23 years of experience in the legal field, a former senior partner in the law firm Shavit Bar-On Galon Tsin Vitkon & Co. An expert in international transactions in developing countries in Africa, South America, and China, including legal advisory on transaction execution projects, joint ventures, investments, venture capital funds, and commercial transactions.

Amir has an LL.B from Brunel University and an LL.M (cum laude) from Bar Ilan University.

Salim Hilwy

Chief Accounting Officer Israel

Salim is an accountant with 25 years of experience, specializing in local government, tax authorities and government ministries. After running a private accounting firm, Salim served as CFO at a global company, where he specialized in international projects. He joined the Mitrelli Group in 2015 and in 2019 assisted in the establishment of Menomadin Foundation.

Salim holds a BA in Accounting and Statistics and an EMBA from Tel Aviv University.

Naama Margalit

CEO, Fundação Arte e Cultura

Naama has been leading the Fundação Arte e Cultura since 2012, currently steering the Menomadin Foundation’s social initiatives in Angola. Her adept leadership fosters impactful collaborations with local and international entities to promote and preserve Angola’s rich cultural and artistic assets. Naama manages the Luanda community center, driving projects for sustainability and personal growth, guided by the principle “teaching how to fish.” She previously managed a traveling agency and led various social initiatives as the founder of the Zimaon Association, and the personal assistant of Rona Ramon.

A graduate of management training and a certified business coach, her unwavering commitment defines her as a force in community engagement and empowerment.

Danny Labin

CEO, Menomadin Social Impact Ventures

Danny leads Menomadin Foundation’s strategic philanthropy in Israel. With more than two decades of experience, he previously oversaw international social impact programs at Sesame Workshop. Under his leadership, Sesame collaborated with numerous foundations, government agencies, and the UN, with Danny developing educational programs at scale to reach millions of around the world. Previously, Danny led various collective impact initiatives fostering social cohesion in Israel and directed the emergency response and resilience activities at the Jewish Federations of North America.

Danny holds a master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Gideon Levit

Legal Advisor

Gideon specializes in commercial and corporate law, accompanying  a wide range of international transactions, primarily dealing with M&A transactions, accompanying venture capital investors and startup companies in private equity and debt financing, formation of joint ventures, supporting infrastructure projects, computing (IT), technology commercialization, etc. Prior to joining the Menomadin Foundation, Gideon was a partner in the high-tech and M&A departments of Yigal Arnon Tadmor-Levi & Co.

Gideon holds a Law degree (LL.B) from the University of Hertfordshire, England, and Master’s degree (LL.M) in International Business Law from London Metropolitan University. Gideon was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2000.

Ayelet Greenberg

Digital and Content Manager

Ayelet oversees marketing, digital and content for the Menomadin Foundation. Translating strategic initiatives into continuous brand awareness, she is responsible for marketing collateral, website management and development, as well as ensuring a dynamic social media presence. A content creator at heart, Ayelet brings 15 years of experience to her position. She has managed extensive digital projects for a major financial institution, worked as a reporter and editor in print and digital economic press, and held key roles in media and public relations at leading companies.

Ayelet has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences from Ben-Gurion University and a master’s in labor studies with distinction from Tel Aviv University.

Nimrod Etzioni

Chief Investment Officer

Nimrod specializes in Impact Investments and innovative financing models, based on the Blended Finance approach, for social and environmental development. With over a decade of experience in the financial world, in his previous positions he worked as a chief risk officer at ASHRA and as the head of risk management in the government debt unit at the Ministry of Finance.

Nimrod holds a BA in Economics and Management from the Open University and a MA in Financial Economics from the Hebrew University. He is certified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) on behalf of GARP.

Elior Bar

Chief of Impact Management & Measurement

With 15 years of experience in finance, strategy and research, Elior specializes in leading complex macro-processes and translating them into business roadmaps that create economic, social and environmental impact. Elior arrived at Menomadin Foundation after 6 years as VP Strategy at Or Movement, where she was responsible for establishing and managing the Lab for the Future of Israel and the Exemplary State Initiative, helped promote pilots in the field of employment and community resilience alongside the development of a national strategy and advocacy.

Elior is a graduate of Deloitte Strategy Consulting, she holds a BA with honors in Economics and Psychology from the University of Haifa and an MBA with honors from Bar Ilan University.

Xavier Narciso

Director of Social Programs
Fundação Arte e Cultura

With 8 years of experience in social projects, Xavier is managing the Angolan-based foundation’s Social Activity. He coordinates the various projects and social initiatives, and serves as the Foundation’s deputy director. He joined the Mitrelli Group in 2011 as an educator and social supporter of children and youth at risk. Since 2015 he has been the curator of the Tamar Golan Gallery, a social business established by the foundation to support local artists.

Xavier attended the Catholic University of Angola and graduated the Civic Moral Education course.

Zohar Kedar-Paz

Social Programs Manager

Zohar specializes in the development and management of social programs. In recent years, she has been involved in the development, establishment, management and design of policy in social projects in the fields of special education, early childhood education, public health, the elderly, employment and more, while collaborating with local authorities, third sector organizations and philanthropy.

Zohar holds a BA in Social Work and an MA in Public Policy, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Atara Mahatzri

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Atara is in charge of partner and client relations and of internal communications. In her previous position she managed the informal youth education center at the community settlement Eli in the Binyamin Regional Council.

Atara holds a BA in Social Work from Ariel University and an MA in Non-Profit and Community Organization Management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Mothana Qadan


Mothana is the bookkeeper of the Menomadin Foundation, handling the financial tasks of its various units. He has 6 years of experience in a CPA firm, representing business sector clients vis-à-vis the various tax authorities and the National Insurance Institute.

Mothana holds a BA degree in business administration with a specialization in accounting from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Noa Gruman

Social Impact Ventures Intern

Noa is a third-year law student at Bar-Ilan University, where she took part in the Menomadin Center for Jewish and Democratic Law program for outstanding students. Previously, Noa served as manager of the youth department at Kibbutz Glil-Yam.