Our Vision

Balanced World Achieved Through Compassionate Disruption

Highlighted Initiative

An initiative crafted to enhance the capabilities of local authorities in conflict-prone areas, empowering them to respond adeptly to evolving needs and deliver commendable services to residents during both routine and crisis events.

Impact Management

In its quest to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, The Menomadin Foundation is rethinking what can possibly be accomplished by systematically blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments & cross–sector partnerships


Selected Projects

Strategic Philanthropy

Bring Them Home Billboard Campaign

A billboard campaign across Israel featuring the faces of the Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas and held hostage in Gaza, aiming to raise awareness, influence public opinion and help bring them back home. The Background Following the deadly attack by...

Impact Investing

ifeel: Providing Remote Emotional Support to Each Employee

ifeel developed a digital platform empowering companies to offer their employees access to emotional and mental health counseling within a secure and private environment, ensuring therapist-patient confidentiality. The Background Psychotherapy, a form of mental therapy involving attentive dialogue and interpretation,...


Wartime: Health-tech Startups are Stepping Up

The attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023, led to a surge of activity among health-tech startups. Those companies, established to provide solutions for physical and mental harm that may lead to illness and death, where every line of code is written with a commitment to generate a significant and measurable impact on the health and lives of people, have a great contribution to national resilience. Start-ups from the diversified portfolio of Menomadin Foundation’s impact investments share how they step up to combat darkness and prove that tough times present an opportunity to do good in the world.

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