Our Vision

Balanced World Achieved Through Compassionate Disruption

Highlighted Initiative

A comprehensive roadmap to promoting children, youth, and young adults along the path of socio-economic mobility. This is achieved through collaborative efforts between various departments within the municipal ecosystem, fostering the development of human capital and organizational resilience.

Impact Management

In its quest to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, The Menomadin Foundation is rethinking what can possibly be accomplished by systematically blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments & cross–sector partnerships


Selected Projects

Impact Investing


The startup Right-Hear has developed an app that enables blind, visually impaired and disoriented people to navigate public spaces independently through audio guidance. The Background Based on the belief that the public sphere should be accessible to everyone, more governments...

Strategic Philanthropy

A Better Way

A Better Way provides talented young adults in Angola a comprehensive support, empowerment, training and counseling curriculum, meticulously crafted to cater to both personal and professional development.


“An investor that provides crucial expertise, assistance with fundraising, and connections to mega-projects in Africa”

At the beginning of 2021, the Israeli start-up SupPlant found itself in an extremely challenging time, “just before our big breakthrough,” states SupPlant CEO Ori Ben Ner. “We started marketing our product, but in agriculture, showing a substantial growth rate requires at least one full season. For that, you need investors with a lot of faith.”

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