Our Vision

Balanced World Achieved Through Compassionate Disruption

Highlighted Initiative

Survivors of both the Holocaust and the October 7 attacks lead the 36th International March of the Living, an initiative by the Menomadin Foundation. The initiative emphasizes the critical importance of Holocaust remembrance, promotes unity among Jewish communities, and celebrates the enduring spirit of renewal and growth rising from the ashes of devastation.

Impact Management

In its quest to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, The Menomadin Foundation is rethinking what can possibly be accomplished by systematically blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments & cross–sector partnerships


Selected Projects

Strategic Philanthropy

School of Alphabet

Aimed at eradicating adult illiteracy, the School of Alphabet offers evening literacy classes to individuals unable to read and write, primarily serving uneducated and underserved older women. The Background UNESCO reports that approximately 40% of Angola’s adult population faces illiteracy,...

Cross-Sector Partnerships

Local Government Resilience

An initiative crafted to enhance the capabilities of local authorities in conflict-prone areas, empowering them to respond adeptly to evolving needs and deliver commendable services to residents during both routine and crisis events. The Background During the Iron Sword War,...


How the Strategic Alliance between the Menomadin Foundation and Tiberias Achieved Success in Evacuee Absorption

In just days following October 7, Tiberias experienced a population increase of over 20%, accompanied by a similar rise in students entering its educational system. Eli Meiri, the Education Director at Tiberias Municipality, shares in an interview how the Menomadin Foundation's strategic initiative reinforced the city's resilience and instilled a belief that no challenge is too great to overcome.

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