Balanced World Achieved Through Compassionate Disruption

Strategic Philanthropy

The Star Accelerator Program aims to strengthen and empower a new generation of Bedouin leadership that reflects the unique needs, values, and traditions of the Bedouin community, while challenging its current practices and encouraging the community to build a better future.

A blended approach to impact

In its quest to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, The Menomadin Foundation is rethinking what can possibly be accomplished by systematically blending strategic philanthropy, impact investments & cross–sector partnerships


Selected Projects

Strategic Philanthropy

Cooperative for Women’s Empowerment

We are empowering local women to enable financial independence through professional training, personal guidance, and business consulting.

Impact Investing


Biobeat’s medical monitoring platform allows for the jump needed to bring introduce the next generation of medical services for various health problems and measures vitals in real-time using wireless, non-invasive, medical technology. The machine automatically synchronizes and transmits medical data...