The Menomadin Foundation Marks International Food Safety Day with Ambassadors of African countries

The Menomadin Team
June 8, 2022

On the occasion of International Food Safety Day, ambassadors of African countries met with entrepreneur Haim Taib, Founder and President of the Menomadin Foundation, Founder and President of the Mitrelli Group and an expert for developing and strengthening countries in Africa, to expand and build bridges of cooperation between Africa and Israel.

“Mutual growth potential”

At the event, held in collaboration with The Ambassadors’ Club of Israel, participants discussed the potential of the relationship between Israel and Africa and the ability to apply Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship in various fields.

Haim Taib said at the meeting: “The relationship between Israel and Africa is strategic and has mutual growth potential. I’ve been committed to Africa for 30 years, the world still doesn’t recognize the continent’s ability to become a global growth engine. Cooperation in the fields of energy, environment, food safety and agriculture can lead to the creation of solutions to the most concerning challenges the world is dealing with today”.

Solutions in the Field of Food Security

The ambassadors of Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Cameroon, Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sudan arrived at the offices of the Menomadin Foundation and the Mitrelli Group in Herzliya and were presented with the extensive activities of the companies in African countries and of the tremendous potential inherent in expanding cooperation.

Taib shared the unique models developed by the Mitrelli Group over the years working in African countries, which rely on Israeli “blue-and-white” technologies, financing from international financial institutions, collaboration with the public sector and with local teams, and impact investments that help strengthen and develop state-level communities.

The CEO of the Menomadin Foundation, Dr. Merav Galili, presented the innovative social models that the Foundation is developing to create social impact in Africa, Israel and around the world, and the impact investments made by the Fund in Israeli startups, which develop solutions in the fields of agriculture, health and food security.

“Commitment to work together”

The ambassadors were highly impressed, and there was overwhelming agreement to promote cooperation.

Haim Taib concluded the meeting with the African ambassadors, saying: “Africa is the future of the world and I am committed to working together with you to establish strong and independent communities. Together, we have all the tools we need to succeed – a great love for the continent and its people”.

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