Blended Finance
for Effective Impact

Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is an extraordinary global effort. One that is indifferent to politics and borders. One that depends on the collaboration of governments, businesses, and people. Most importantly, the achievement of the UNSDGs is without a doubt within our reach.

Together, we already have the talent, the capabilities, and even the funds we need in order to propel our world into a better future, within our lifetime. However, we absolutely must think differently about our resources and how we use them. It is only when we creatively pool together all of these resources—domestic and international, public and private—that we will be able to maximize their impact.

That is why the Menomadin Foundation is pioneering a non-uniform approach to impact, a Blended Finance approach that strategically blends the synergetic power of talent, capital, and expertise. Our approach is powered by a strong vision and manifested through conviction: an overarching philosophy of empathic accuracy frames the process by which we identify core problems, rather than simply their symptoms, and craft creative, holistic, and high-impact development solutions that can be scaled globally. Our international organization is systematically rethinking what can possibly be accomplished through Blended Finance while integrating strategic philanthropy, impact investments, and cross-sector partnerships to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

The Menomadin Foundation's Blended Finance Impact Platform


Intentionality First

A Problem Statement

  • Identify areas of influenceOperational Expertise
  • Define goalsThematic focus
  • Specify indicatorsSDG Alignment


Design Plan of Action

Theory of Change Methodology

  • Research & IntelligenceIdentify opportunities
  • Plan the Value Chain SolutionThe "Honest Broker"
  • Evaluate a holistic approach to PPPThe private-public partnership


Blended Impact Platform

Optimal Implementation of Value Chain

  • Strategic PhilanthropyEnable Impact
  • Impact InvestmentsScale Impact
  • Cross-sector partnershipsSustain Impact


Evaluate Impact

Transparent Measurement of Results & Feedback Reporting

  • Track outcomesPredeclared milestones and IMP dimensions
  • Measure performanceROI and beyond: Financial return and Impact achieved
  • Share additional lessonsContribute to peer learning


Scale and Sustain

Sustainable and Long-lasting Impact

  • Create a manualA scale-up guide
  • Scalability, sustainability and transferabilityPublic and government entities
  • Model ExpansionAdaptations to new audiences and sectors
Empathic Accuracy