Impact Investing

Menomadin Foundation’s investment thesis guides our support of impact-driven ventures without compromising financial returns.
Our impact investment strategy is supported by our unique assets:

Israeli start-ups

Israel’s Start-Up Nation
We nurture and leverage our strong connection to social entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, all part of Israel’s start-up nation synergetic network.

Access to Academy
Exclusive access to novel, disruptive technology intended and directed at advancing change, at scale.

Mature stages – round A plus
We invest in mature start ups in the fields of agrotech, education, health, energy, and water.

Incubation & Distribution Model
The foundation’s accumulated knowledge and expertise enable us to incubate tech solutions and accelerate their distribution amongst our alliance of businesses and decision-makers.

POC – Development of innovative financial models

Tailor-made Financial Solutions
As we strive to assemble accessible risk-adjusted and impact-enhancing financial packages, we craft creative POCs and share their success.

Impact Investing leadership
The foundation aims to strengthen the ecosystem of impact investors in Israel and to add more players to the impact investment arena.

We take pride in our ability to identify the disruptive potential for groundbreaking social impact, resulting in a powerful portfolio of purpose-driven initiatives and teams.


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