EyeControl aims to improve the quality of life and communication ability of muscular dystrophy and patients on life support who cannot speak but can communicate through eye movements. EyeControl is a wearable personal communication device, that uses audio feedback and eye gestures, with easy-to-operate, screen-free technology. The system allows for unprecedented user experience and flexibility, enabling each user to adjust the system to their personal needs and motor abilities.

The Challenge

To provide patients who are fully functioning cognitively but unable to communicate verbally the ability to communicate with their surroundings in any place, at any time. The solutions that exist in the market today limit patients to just a number of situations in which the devices can be used, require calibration with a computer and cost thousands of dollars.

The Opportunity

EyeControl translates the eye movements of patients into speaking and writing. The system offers patients many actions, from calling for help in times of need to basic communication, to the use of existing sentences, to free-flowing conversation. Once they have learned how to operate the system, a simple process, patients can begin communicating immediately, 24/7, without the need of additional devices, in a way that is tailored to their personal needs and abilities. Thanks to EyeControl, the patient gains independence, privacy, control, and the ability to communicate.

The Social Impact

Providing the ability to communicate with friends, family, and medical staff, to patients who previously couldn’t due to disease or disability.

Introducing EyeControl at the Friends4ALS annual benefit run organized by Prize4Life and IsrA.L.S.

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