The Music Academy

The Music Academy in Fundacao provides a stage for talent from the local community, from children to adults, and allows them to study a wide variety of musical instruments, record albums, and build a network with musicians outside of Angola.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation in Angola: The Music Academy.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation in Angola: The Music Academy.

The Challenge

Most of the local children are not exposed to music and its power, depth, and magic, and none of them can play an instrument. Some of these children have a great musical talent that can’t be discovered.

The Opportunity

The Foundation supports the Music Academy that allows local children to learn to sing and play drums, guitar or piano. The Foundation also helps musicians with the borrowing of musical equipment and provides a private recording studio intended for recordings and rehearsals for artists with financial difficulties. The studio charges a low fee, and the money goes back to the community and social activities. The amphitheater located in the Foundation’s compound hosts cultural events and allows children to perform.

The Social Impact

The Foundation has supported 44 local artists.

In the past year, 435 children and youth participated in the Academy’s activities. 
One student that started practicing in the Academy is a famous singer in Angola.

The Music Academy in Angola, children's cultural events.

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