Academy Impact

Academy Impact is a platform for identifying, investing, and developing groundbreaking academic ventures that seek to realize the potential of academic knowledge. The incubator researches and develops innovative concepts with significant potential for impact.

The Challenge

Alongside Israeli success stories such as Mobileye and Copaxone, many agree that the academic knowledge in Israel doesn’t reach its potential or translate to impactful companies or products. The process of transferring practical expertise from the academy to the business sector is not optimal, and the development of raw knowledge coming from the academy to the business sector is ineffective. These processes ultimately hurt Israeli economic growth.

The Opportunity

Academic knowledge has the potential to impact the industry, economy, and Israeli society, especially today in the age of knowledge-intensive industry. Many successful companies were established based on academic studies by leading researchers and have transformed the well-being of millions of people. Academic Impact is an innovative venture and a platform for investment and development of groundbreaking ideas that grow within academia and have the potential for social and economic impact.

Relevant Projects

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