Biobeat’s medical monitoring platform measures essential metrics accurately, using wireless and non-invasive technology. The system enables the step-up required to provide a real-time medical response from a distance. The device automatically syncs and transmits the data to a cloud-based app, which allows medical teams to examine patients remotely, and decide on the necessary medical treatment.

Impact investing Project of the Menomadin Foundation: Biobeat’s medical monitoring platform.

Impact investing Project of the Menomadin Foundation: Biobeat’s medical monitoring platform.

The Challenge

Emergency medical situations can surprise us in any place and at any time, whether we are young or old, at home or outside, without us being aware or ready. Without the ability to foresee medical emergencies ahead of time, emergency treatment can often be delivered too late, often times when there is nothing left to be done. At the same time, the preferred medical approach around the world has become to enable preventive medicine, which can prevent the development of health damage.

The Opportunity

Biobeat’s medical monitoring platform enables the prevention of emergency medical situations, and the dispersal of life-saving instructions in real-time, for the entire population. The device’s smart notification system enables medical teams to receive notifications about unusual vital levels, serving as a unique and important decision-making tool in the management and optimization of medical care and clinical outcomes. Because it is a cloud-based system, there is no limit on the number of patients that can be monitored at any given moment. Furthermore, medical teams are able to receive and track medical information in real-time on any device, including their smartphones. The data system collects all vital measurements and thus serves as an enormous physiological database that enables the analysis and identification of medical scenarios across various diseases, allows for the measurement of the effectiveness of care, demonstrates the importance of patient adherence of treatment, and many more benefits that stem from the connection between treatment and the realtime monitoring of medical outcomes.

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