Desert Stars – Stars Accelerator

Strengthening and empowering a new generation of Bedouin leadership that reflects the unique needs, values, and traditions of the Bedouin community, while challenging its current practices and encouraging the community to build a better future.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation: The Desert Stars Program of NGO Stars Accelerator, advancing a new generation of young Bedouin leadership.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation: The Desert Stars Program of NGO Stars Accelerator, advancing a new generation of young Bedouin leadership.

The Challenge

Across many measures, the Bedouin community in the Negev is still lagging behind the rest of the Israeli society, especially when it comes to education, employment, and income. The tribal dynamics dictate the control over influential positions, resources, and education, as well as the relationships between the various tribes, which often range from cooperative to violent struggle. As a result, the Bedouin community is experiencing a severe leadership crisis; Trust in the current method of governing is low and it is difficult to find leadership that will guide the Bedouin population towards true social change.

The Opportunity

The “Star Accelerator” is one of the Desert Stars NGO’s flagship programs, and aims to develop a new generation of young Bedouin leadership that will change the reality of the Bedouin community in the Israeli Negev. The program connects youth from different settlements and tribes and develops leaders in pursuit of change. As the program trains the future generation of leadership, it accompanies its participants throughout a full academic year and provides them with meaningful personal development support. As part of the program, participants receive a subsistence scholarship, a personal coaching program, a monthly visit to the Menomadin Foundation Offices, and a meeting with senior executives from the Mitrelli Group and the Menomadin Foundation. Participants also volunteer in their local community and intern with external companies and organizations. Graduates receive the necessary tools they need to successfully complete their academic degree and advance to the professional roles that will unite the Bedouin society and lead it towards the future.

The Social Impact

14 graduates have completed the program.
13 graduates have completed their academic studies.
2 graduates were accepted to the Cadets for Municipal Service Program.
One graduate was accepted as an intern in the legal aid of the Beer Sheva district.

Desert Stars program of NGO Stars Accelerator, the leadership program.

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