Aalam – Druze Civic Leadership Program

Young Druze leaders, influencing the social agenda amongst the national and the local public service. Young individuals serving as trailblazers and change agents, who will form the next generation of public leadership in the Druze community and in the wider Israeli society.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation: Druze Civic Leadership Program Aalam (Maase).

Strategic Philanthropy Project of the Menomadin Foundation: Druze Civic Leadership Program Aalam (Maase).

The Challenge

The probability of a young Druze taking an active part in policy-shaping is lower than that of a young Jew from the socio-geographical center of Israel. The Druze population is systematically under-represented in key positions throughout Israeli society. The data shows that Druze represent only a very small percentage of the members of the cadets’ training program for local and national government, and the need to promote high-quality young leadership among the Druze community is clearly evident.

The Opportunity

The program will guide 15 young and motivated Druze men and women, who wish to integrate into the country’s centers of influence and leadership. For six months, participants undergo training which includes workshops, tours, meetings with key figures, and concentrated seminars. Gradually and with thanks to personal mentorship, the participants progress from the learning phase to the doing phase and operate within their community. Graduates of the program are expected to continue their formal training and education with cadet programs and/or take up public positions in local and national government.

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