ONE VOICE is an international socio-cultural movement aiming to inspire and unite communities globally through public art. The project started during the apex of the COVID-19 pandemic, and took place in 14 countries. This large-scale initiative offered a platform for street artists to honor the heroes of COVID, and express messages of unity and hope at a time of worldwide uncertainty.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of Menomadin Foundation - the ONE VOICE initiative in Angola

Strategic Philanthropy Project of Menomadin Foundation: the ONE VOICE initiative in Angola. Photo by: Fundação Arte e Cultura

The Challenge

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has confronted the entire world with unprecedented health, economic and social challenges. Entire economic sectors were shut down, millions lost their jobs, health systems struggled to function, lockdowns and ongoing social distancing restrictions were imposed, education systems were affected, government spending increased to support businesses and the unemployed, and many were infected and even died of this serious disease. Feelings of fear and despair grew around the world, with no sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

The Opportunity

During this difficult time, the ONE VOICE project reflected the power of art as a means to effect reality. In each of the participating countries, the local street artists expressed messages of unity, strength and hope in coping with the coronavirus in a different way.

In Angola, ONE VOICE was led by Fundação Arte e Cultura, Menomadin Foundation’s local foundation in Africa. In their work, the Angolan street artists expressed the burden and hardships caused by COVID-19 throughout the world, and the hope for the good future that lies ahead once the masks are removed and COVID passes away. Other works honored two important local artists who died of coronavirus two days apart, Valdemar Bashtush and Carlos Burtin, and painted them creating, happy and colorful.

The project gained great publicity, expressed the pain and difficulty that humanity goes through, gave strength and hope in a time of uncertainty, and most of all – filled public areas with color and life.

The ONE VOICE initiative in Angola: filling public space with colours while honoring the heroes of COVID-19

The ONE VOICE initiative in Angola: honoring the heroes of COVID-19. Photo by: Fundação Arte e Cultura

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