Rolling Forward

Rolling Forward is a unique leadership program of the House of Wheels association, designated for youth with physical disabilities. The program takes place in 4 of the 6 House of Wheels branches, aiming to prepare the participants for life after high school through empowerment and involvement, thus acquiring the skills required for autonomous living and community integration.

The Challenge

Many young people with physical disabilities and special needs experience considerable difficulties in conducting independent living. A low sense of self-ability, lack of communication and social skills, challenges in mobility, difficulty in economic conduct and the physical complexity involved in carrying out daily tasks are only some of them. As a result, many young people choose not to live on their own, and take little part, if any, in social and community activities. This reality is even more apparent in Arab and Bedouin society in the south, where there are hardly any designated services for young people with disabilities.

Strategic Philanthropy Project of Menomadin Foundation - The "Rolling Forward" Program for youth with disabilities

Strategic Philanthropy Project of Menomadin Foundation: The “Rolling Forward” Program for youth with disabilities. Photos by the House of Wheels association.

The opportunity

Menomadin Foundation supports the Rolling Forward program of the ElAmal House – the Arab and Bedouin branch of “House of Wheels” in the south. The leadership program, which is managed by Arabic-speaking professional team and volunteers, is designated for youth with disabilities and special needs aged 14-19. The program aims to empower graduates with the abilities and skills required to better manage their adult lives professionally and personally, in their family and community. It is focused on imparting life skills, raising confidence and self-esteem, and encouraging leadership and community participation. The activity takes place on a weekly basis, and includes a national seminar and an annual community involvement project.

The Social Impact

The "Rolling Forward" program of Beit ElAmal, supported by the Menomadin Foundation over the past year, features 13 Bedouin boys and girls with disabilities and special needs. The program assists them in acquiring and developing tools for managing an autonomous lifestyle and optimal community integration.

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