ifeel – Online Therapy

ifeel is a digital platform that empowers people from all over the world to cope with the setbacks of everyday life and strengthen their emotional well-being. With a network of licensed and specialized psychologists in various fields, the platform enables access to mental health for all. Now more people can benefit from therapy, without any physical, financial, or emotional barriers to sharing their personal stories.

Impact investing Project of the Menomadin Foundation: the online therapy platform Ifeel

Impact investing Project of the Menomadin Foundation: the online therapy platform Ifeel

The Challenge

Many people find it challenging to receive psychological treatment due to the associated social stigmas and the fear of losing privacy. Also, there is a financial barrier, where psychological therapy usually comes with significant expenses.

The Opportunity

ifeel allows 24/7 access to emotional and psychological therapy in 17 different areas. The treatment is online, confidential, comfortable, and affordable – less than 50% of the accepted rate of face to face sessions. After a rigorous onboarding process, a team of psychologists will assign the patient to the psychologist that is best suited to help achieve treatment goals and that will accompany the whole process.

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