Bnei Brak Gate

Bnei Brak Gate is a company working to integrate ultra-Orthodox Jews into the Israeli labor market, specifically in the high-tech sector. The assimilation of the ultra-Orthodox into high-tech industry may have positive and long-term economic and social implications. For a public characterized by large families, a respectable livelihood will contribute to the quality of life and opportunities, for them and for their children. In the social aspect, working alongside people from other groups in the population will encourage familiarity and discourse. Not to mention the benefits for the high-tech companies, gaining quality employees with high work ethic.

The Challenge

Many ultra-Orthodox Jews find it difficult to integrate into Israel’s high-tech sector for various reasons. Lack of technological training, lack of knowledge of the English language, prejudice on the part of employers, and a tendency toward separatism are only some of them.

The Opportunity

In a complex overlooking Bnei Brak and Gush Dan, Bnei Brak Gate operates two channels of activity. One is a shared workspace designated for high-tech companies employing ultra-Orthodox workers and for independent ultra-Orthodox professionals. The complex is designed as a cozy workplace and offers workstations, private workrooms, a cafeteria, meeting rooms and a lecture class, in which free activities for the benefit of community members take place, such as English courses and seminars held in cooperation with the world’s largest companies. Its second channel of activity is a career placement company dedicated for ultra-Orthodox women, which trains and assists in their integration into large high-tech companies.


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