SupPlant is a world leader in agricultural IOT (Internet of Things). Its AI system knows how to collect data from plants and fruits using sensitive sensors, reporting on the plant’s condition at any given moment. The system analyzes the data using sophisticated algorithms, and translates it into actionable irrigation commands, ensuring a healthy and stable crop with minimal water consumption.

Menomadin Foundation Impact Investment: SupPlant's algorithm-based AI technology - better crops, minimal water consumption.

Menomadin Foundation Impact Investment: SupPlant’s algorithm-based AI technology – better crops, minimal water consumption. Photo by: Liyam Shemesh

The Challenge

While demand for food in the world is rapidly growing, an increasing frequency of drought and extreme heat waves is responsible for up to 50% in agricultural crops’ reduction, as well as for severe water shortages. The dramatic changes in weather conditions do not allow farmers to rely on existing weather forecasting measures. About 70% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals go towards irrigation uses. According to projections, by 2050 the demand-supply water deficit gap is expected to reach 25%.

The Opportunity

SupPlant’s unique technology enables an adaptive irrigation system that provides a holistic real-time response, to any changes that occur and affect crops. Using sensitive sensors, the software collects a variety of data, including soil moisture and salinity metrics; trunk, stem, fruit indices from the plant; Temperature and meteorological-climatic parameters. The data is transferred to a cloud, where it is analyzed by smart algorithms. The analyzed information translates into an irrigation program tailored to the plant’s needs, in real-time. The commands are transferred to an autonomous irrigation system that implements them. At the same time, the farmer receives a cellphone alert with the updated information. In case of distress or warning – the farmer is alerted and receives treatment guidelines.

SupPlant’s technology saves farmers an average of 30% of water expenditure, raising crops by an average of 5%. This fundamental change in irrigation methods has the potential to save water on global scales and improve productivity and agricultural crops.

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