SupPlant – Plant-Sensing Irrigation System

SupPlant is advancing an AI system that acquires data from plants, soil, and weather forecasts, skillfully transforming it into irrigation recommendations. These recommendations guarantee the well-being of crops while also promoting water efficiency.

The Background

Climate change represents a significant obstacle for farmers worldwide. The rising occurrence of extreme weather events like droughts, cold fronts, and sudden heatwaves is projected to be accountable for up to 50% reduction in global agricultural crop yields, while also intensifying the challenge of water scarcity. Across numerous regions worldwide, water demand surpasses available reserves, constraining economic growth potential. If current irrigation practices persist, it is anticipated that by 2050, global freshwater availability will experience a sharp decline, leaving a deficit of around 25% between supply and demand.

Concurrent with these developments, the global demand for food is on the rise. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports a staggering 178% increase in the number of people at risk of food insecurity since 2017. Worldwide food security is impacted by population growth, coupled with a growing tendency to divert resources from agricultural development to support urban expansion. These challenges are further compounded by the ongoing disruptions in farmers’ operations and international supply chains triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, both leading to elevated global food prices.

A Menomadin Foundation impact investment: An AI system that guarantees both the well-being of crops and water efficiency. Photo by: SupPlant

A Menomadin Foundation impact investment: An AI system that guarantees both the well-being of crops and water efficiency.
Photo by: SupPlant

The Challenge

Irrigation currently accounts for around 70% of global freshwater consumption, making it a paramount concern for farmers. The energy and chemical inputs necessary to prepare irrigation water come at a substantial cost, profoundly influencing farmers’ productivity and profitability. In the face of unpredictable weather conditions, farmers confront the task of optimizing crop yields while efficiently managing water resources and promoting sustainable agriculture in regions afflicted by water scarcity. These circumstances underscore the pressing necessity for innovative agro-technological solutions to address these evolving agricultural needs and challenges.

The Solution

Israel’s innovative startup, SupPlant, is pioneering an AI-driven irrigation system equipped with sensitive sensors that continuously monitor plant and fruit data. This real-time feedback allows the system to adjust irrigation plans dynamically, ensuring robust crop health while minimizing water usage.

The software leverages strategically positioned sensors within the field to gather a comprehensive dataset, covering moisture levels, soil salinity indices, measurements of plant stems, leaves, and fruits, as well as temperature data and meteorological-climatic parameters. The data is sent to the cloud, where it undergoes analysis through intelligent algorithms. This analyzed information is then translated into a real-time irrigation plan tailored to the plant’s requirements, which is subsequently communicated to an autonomous irrigation system for implementation. Meanwhile, the farmer receives timely updates on their mobile phone. In the event of any problems or warnings, the farmer is promptly alerted, complete with guidance on the necessary steps to take. SupPlant’s technology saves farmers who use it 30% of water costs on average, and raises yields by an average of 5%. This fundamental change in irrigation methods has the potential to have a significant impact on a global scale, save water and increase agricultural yield rates.

SupPlant has developed a smart irrigation app that is now accessible to farmers in developing countries. Leveraging SupPlant’s vast and varied database derived from over 2,000 cumulative growing seasons across 13 distinct climate zones, this app evaluates a plant’s requirements in real-time based on factors such as crop type, location, and soil. It subsequently generates tailored predictive models, empowering farmers with precise irrigation recommendations, timely extreme weather alerts, and detailed weather forecasts, all without the need for on-field sensors.

The Social Impact


Estimated Citrus yield increase rate
Estimated Avocado yield increase rate
Estimated Mango yield increase rate

SupPlant has developed a smart irrigation app that is now accessible to farmers in developing countries. Photo by: SupPlant

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