Housing Fund for People With Disabilities

The housing fund for people with disabilities was founded with the aim to develop a socially-oriented financial platform as part of an impact investment model. Through the fund, apartments are purchased that are specifically intended for people with various disabilities, thus offering them a stable place to live, and the opportunity to build an independent life and integrate into the community.

The Challenge

The disabled community faces difficulties in finding places to live in the community. Many landlords refuse to rent their properties to people with disabilities or refuse to extend existing rental contracts due to pressure from neighbors. In addition, there is a shortage of organizations that offer independent living facilities to people with disabilities. 23,500 disabled adults continue to live with their parents. This prevents their integration into the community in a stable and independent manner.

The Opportunity

Housing fund for people with disabilities will recruit impact investors who are willing to receive yields lower than the average yields of the market because of the investment’s social impact. The housing fund will buy apartments for adults, which will undergo renovations and adaptations to suit the needs of the tenants, thus guaranteeing a safe home for the longterm. In addition, the fund will provide tenants with daily professional guidance, find them suitable places of work, help with the development of independence, and together with the tenants build a plan that allows them to use their personal capabilities to improve their quality of life.

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